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Shadow Council : Preludes Book One was updated on 30th Oct 10

Status: In progress - Rating: Teens - Chapters: 3 - Word count: 191,879 - Genre: Drama

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What happens when you wake up one morning and someone tells you that you're a Wizard? More to the point, what happens to you if you're not a mythical chosen one, but rather you're just a normal kid who is about live every kid's dream? What happens when the dream becomes real, and you slowly grow up to realize that there is a man behind the curtain, and you'd better damn well pay attention to him no matter what he's telling you?

Life Happens.

No matter how wierd, how horrible, or how magical... that's life.

1 - Shadow Council : Preludes Book One :: Through the Looking Glass
Word count: 56,337 - Reviews: 31 - Rating: Teens - Uploaded on: 18th Mar 10

2 - Shadow Council : Preludes Book One :: The Snake and the Lion
Word count: 67,768 - Reviews: 18 - Rating: Teens - Uploaded on: 17th May 10

3 - Shadow Council : Preludes Book One :: The Grim and The Raven
Word count: 67,774 - Reviews: 17 - Rating: Teens - Uploaded on: 30th Oct 10